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Wayne Smith Trucking Taps ORBCOMM Logistics Tracking for Trailer Fleet

| December 15, 2017

wayne smith trucking

ORBCOMM Inc., a global provider of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has announced that it has been selected by Wayne Smith Trucking to provide an industry-leading logistics tracking and monitoring solution for its trailer fleet.

ORBCOMM’s end-to-end solution will provide wireless connectivity through its proprietary hardware and a web-based reporting platform for optimal fleet management.
A large Southern transportation company based in Morrilton, AR, Wayne Smith Trucking specializes in hauling paper products and dry goods for its customers throughout the lower 48 states.

Wayne Smith Trucking is using ORBCOMM’s end-to-end telematics system, which is self-powered with solar recharging technology and does not require external power, to track and monitor its dry van trailers while en route or in terminals.

The device’s ruggedized, sealed and waterproof solar panel provides continuous power to rechargeable batteries, offering reliable service without maintenance or battery changes for the typical life of the asset. The complete ORBCOMM solution installs easily in less than 10 minutes, optimizing Wayne Smith Trucking’s installation resources and costs and minimizing trailer downtime.

ORBCOMM’s solution includes a web application with data reporting and analytics capabilities to increase visibility and security of Wayne Smith Trucking’s trailers while reducing dwell time, maintenance costs and unauthorized use.

By knowing the precise trailer count at each location at all times, Wayne Smith Trucking significantly improves asset utilization and operational efficiency by saving their drivers’ time and fuel looking for empty trailers. ORBCOMM’s telematics solution also integrates with the McLeod LoadMaster™ dispatch software platform, enabling Wayne Smith Trucking to capture asset data every 15 minutes, including operational condition, start/stop reports, scheduled maintenance, GPS position and geofencing, through one comprehensive system.

According to Marc Eisenberg, ORBCOMM’s Chief Executive Officer.,“ORBCOMM’s solution enables Wayne Smith Trucking to reduce dwell times and improve their tractor-to-trailer ratio to ensure maximum trailer utilization and a strong return on their investment in our advanced IoT technology.”

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