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Are Women Better Drivers Than Men?

| June 14, 2018


The latest results of a game that tests driving abilities suggests that most people cannot accurately judge the stopping distance of a car on their first attempt and that women slightly outperform their male counterparts.

Here are some of the takeaways:

  • 85% of people failed to judge the stopping distance of a car on their first attempt
  • An average player took 4.53 attempts before they were able to stop in time
  • Women’s reactions were slightly better than their male counterparts, while 21% of players aged 55+ succeeded on their first try — better than any other age group

Results from a new driving simulation game reveal that the vast majority of people don’t know when to hit the brakes — with many failing to get it right on their second or even third attempts.

Siegfried & Jensen, the firm behind the game, wanted to see how good drivers are at judging the stopping distance of a car, so it created a simulation to test this and teach people about the dangers of tailgating and failing to respond quickly enough.

Of the 1,838 consumers who tested the game, 85% failed to judge the stopping distance correctly the first time. In fact, it took players an average of 4.53 attempts before they were correctly able to stop quickly enough.

It also found that women’s reactions were marginally better than men’s, with 15% of women succeeding on their first attempt compared to 14% of men.

Older players were found to be most likely to succeed on their first attempt, with more than a fifth (21%) of those aged 55+ doing so, compared to just 10% of 25-34 year olds and 11% of 16-24 year olds.

At a regional level, players in Dallas scored best, with 20% succeeding on their first attempt, while 19% of those in Indianapolis and 18% of those in Detroit did the same. Meanwhile, those in San Diego scored worst, with just 4% succeeding on their first attempt. Similarly, only 8% of players in Phoenix and 10% of players in Boston succeeded on their first go.

You can see how your skills compare using the game here.


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