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Idelic and Netradyne Announce Strategic Partnership to Improve Driver Safety

| September 3, 2021

Integration enables Idelic and Netradyne customers to access their telematics and video data inside Idelic’s Safety Suite®

Idelic, the creator of the Idelic Safety Suite®, comprehensive driver management platform dedicated to improving fleet safety, announced a strategic partnership with Netradyne, video telematics and vision technology. Through this partnership, customers using the Idelic Safety Suite alongside Netradyne cameras will be able to upload, manage, and act on their video and telematics data within Safety Suite.

Currently, fleets collect thousands of data points surrounding their drivers’ training, telematics, compliance, behavior, and other information daily from disparate safety and fleet management technologies. By combining Safety Suite’s end-to-end driver management solutions, Netradyne’s superior visibility in driver behavior, and their combined AI technology into fleet performance, fleets can unlock a comprehensive understanding of their drivers.

Netradyne’s rich video and telematics data combined with Idelic’s predictive analytics can help fleets proactively address driver risk, which functions to both prevent a crash from occurring in the first place and to prove that a fleet did everything they could to prevent one if a crash does occur. This partnership will enhance safety for Idelic and Netradyne customers and all those who drive on our nation’s roads and highways.

Hayden Cardiff, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Idelic, said, “Netradyne is a best-in-class provider of video telematics and they’ve been a fantastic partner over the course of our relationship. Together, our solutions are greater than the sum of their parts—their data enriches our platform with on-road behaviors and we give our mutual customers a holistic picture of how to act and coach on that data.”

Driveri®, the most advanced fleet safety camera, is a vision-based driver recognition platform built to reward positive driving behavior and coach areas in need of improvement. Beyond the camera’s impressive machine vision capabilities, the Driveri® camera also offers live GPS tracking, full drive time capture, traffic signal detection, telematics alerts, and much more. Combined with Safety Suite’s Professional Development Plan Module, which allows fleets to easily assign, track, and automate training programs, Idelic and Netradyne are successfully tackling some of the industry’s greatest challenges like driver turnover and fleet risk.

“Netradyne’s camera is the perfect complement to Idelic’s Safety Suite, aligning with their proactive approach to safety and driver retention,” said Adam Kahn, President of Fleet Business and Certified Transportation Professional (CTP®), Netradyne. “Because Driveri provides the most robust set of on-the-road safety metrics, a data-driven company like Idelic can further elevate ROI for their fleet customers through the seamless integration with Driveri.”

The integration will help fleets like Veriha Trucking, who currently uses Idelic’s Safety Suite to seamlessly onboard new drivers and Netradyne’s Driveri for its real-time in-cab alerts and driver scorecard. The combination of these two tools enables Veriha to quickly address the root of risky driving behaviors while continuing to foster and grow a safety-first culture. With Safety Suite, Veriha has consolidated their driver data into a single, comprehensive platform to have a complete picture of risk (see case study). With Driveri, Veriha has improved driver behavior, and realized efficiencies for managers (see case study).

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