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Road Ready Advanced Telematics Announces LogIQ™ Integration Partnership with Air-Weigh

| October 18, 2021

New Partnership Expands Platform to Connect Trailer/Tractor Through the Cloud

Road Ready, an advanced telematics and smart fleet technology provider from Clarience Technologies, has introduced Air-Weigh as its newest LogIQ™ integrated data platform integration partner. This partnership with Air-Weigh, a global leader in electronic on-board scales, connects data between the trailer and tractor through the cloud which represents a new milestone for Road Ready and the LogIQ platform.  

“Adding Air-Weigh to the LogIQ integrated data platform underscores our commitment to deliver more seamless solutions to customers,” said Nada Jiddou, Clarience Technologies executive vice president and Road Ready General Manager. “Our new partnership with Air-Weigh provides fleet managers better visibility to asset utilization while also providing a tool to ensure safe, legal loading.”  

Connecting Through the Cloud 
Over the last several months Road Ready has unveiled several industry firsts starting with its new 5G Ready telematics system, a first-of-its-kind trailer telematics solution allowing fleets to operate their systems continuously without worrying about downtime caused by cellular network upgrades. In September, Road Ready introduced its LogIQ integrated data platform, another first in trailer telematics. This announcement represents a bold next step for the brand—incorporating combined tractor and trailer weight when the vehicle is tethered and in operation. 

Air-Weigh scales work seamlessly between the tractor and trailer providing a complete weighing solution. Fleets will now be able to receive gross weight data right in Road Ready’s FleetViz™ user interface, providing the ability to stay compliant while maximizing cargo capabilities across assets. 

“As the need for actionable data increases, integration with Road Ready’s advanced telematics solution is increasingly important to fleet management,” said Dennis DeMeyere, vice president of Sales and Marketing, Air-Weigh. “Knowing weight data is integral to maximizing efficiency of commercial fleets. The LogIQ platform provides this data instantaneously so fleet executives can make real-time decisions that impact their profitability.”

A Universal Decoder 
The LogIQ integrated data platform combines data from a broad network of industry partners with its own trailer telematics system, making it easier for commercial fleets to obtain insights from data generated by trailers and other fleet equipment.   

The strength of the platform comes from its partners, all leading names serving commercial transportation. LogIQ acts as a universal language decoder, enabling communication between smart components from partners and Road Ready to one another, ultimately driving smarter decision making. LogIQ also acts as an entry point for future artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. 

“Smarter fleet decision making will be enabled from a broad set of data sources,” said Jiddou. “This partnership helps uncover unprecedented insights on transportation assets operating in field while also moving us closer to total visibility throughout the supply chain.” 

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