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| April 7, 2021

Helps maintain superior customer service and protects quality and integrity of high-value, temperature-sensitive cargo

ORBCOMM Inc. (Nasdaq: ORBC), a global provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, has been selected by IWX Motor Freight (IWX), a freight shipping and trucking company based in Springfield, MO, to provide its industry-leading cold chain telematics solutions to track, monitor and control their refrigerated trailers. The global leader in refrigerated telematics, ORBCOMM’s comprehensive solutions provide wireless connectivity through its dual-mode hardware and a single, unified Cloud-based analytics platform for optimal fleet management.

IWX, which specializes in hauling produce and pharmaceuticals from the West Coast to the Midwest and beyond, is using ORBCOMM’s cold chain solution for two-way monitoring of temperature control and location of their refrigerated shipments, ensuring visibility, security and integrity of their freight from origin to destination. IWX can remotely initiate trailer pre-cooling, change the reefer state and adjust the temperature of reefers on the road as well as determine if the trailer door is open or closed and monitor idle and dwell times, eliminating costly manual yard checks. If out-of-range conditions occur, such as deviations from the target temperature range or set geofences, alarms are triggered immediately, enabling IWX to take immediate corrective action. With mapping, reports, alerts and exception management, ORBCOMM’s platform provides real-time data and business intelligence integrated with their internal transportation management system to help IWX increase asset utilization, gain fuel savings, mitigate product spoilage and ensure compliance with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  

In addition, ORBCOMM’s unique dual-mode satellite and cellular connectivity offers IWX redundancy to provide reliable and continuous communications even in the most remote areas where cellular networks are unavailable or unreliable. With the ability to track the trailer and freight’s location and temperature anytime and anywhere, IWX can ensure their loads are compliant and meeting their customers’ standards for quality and service.

“We’re pleased to have been selected by IWX to provide our two-way refrigerated monitoring and control solution and help them achieve increased performance, enhanced compliance and greater efficiency across their fleet,” said Christian Allred, ORBCOMM’s Executive Vice President and General Manager of Global Sales. “We look forward to working with IWX as a partner in their operations for many years to come and are poised to add new and exciting features as their business continues to evolve.”

“Given ORBCOMM’s long-standing position as a leader and innovator in cold chain logistics, we made the right choice upgrading to their telematics system, and their excellent service and support have made our transition seamless and exceeded our expectations,” said Jeff Bauer with IWX Motor Freight. “With ORBCOMM’s powerful, dual-mode solution, we always have our eyes on our trailers and temperature-sensitive loads, so our customers have the peace of mind that their high-value freight will be delivered consistently and safely to its final destination.”

IWX is currently installing the ORBCOMM solution and expects to complete the deployment in the second quarter of 2021.

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