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New Startup Digital Platform for Truckload and LTL Shipping: Opus 9

| August 8, 2018

truck being loaded at Port

A Silicon Valley-based startup, Opus9, has launched a digital platform with the goal of automating the entire truckload and less-than-truckload shipping process from quotation to payment, removing the barriers of entry for shippers of all sizes, and providing flexibility for carriers. 

The group cites a  lack of transparency in the transportation value chain as its rationale for entering the space.  That challenge, it notes, “causes prices for shippers to skyrocket while the shortage of truck drivers limits the expansion of the freight industry.”

Rooted in traditional third-party logistics (3PL), startup Opus9 has developed a digital platform focused on optimizing domestic shipping for truckload (dry van, refrigerated and flatbed trucking) and Less Than Truckload (LTL) freight. Through its proprietary real-time pricing algorithm, it offers instant pricing to shippers and bid opportunities to carriers without requiring to log into an account.

Traditionally, transaction prices which constantly fluctuate are voiced out by brokers. These intermediary points of contact are mostly operating through phone calls and physical paperwork preventing fluidity.

For shippers, Opus9 offers what it calls “an intermediary-free experience.” Clear prices are displayed in a few clicks and rates are  guaranteed. Shippers have an opportunity to book up to six days in advance. It brings more end-to-end fluidity from pickup to delivery. For time-sensitive shipments, it is possible to arrange same day pickup for both Truckload and LTL if the booking is placed before a certain time1.

What’s more, it ensures reliable and real-time tracking of the shipment. Proactive alerts are sent from the platform to notify shippers of any issues that may occur in-transit causing  delays. Estimated delivery dates are given for truckload shipping. Making sure the shipment arrives at a specific date is also an option for LTL. Thanks to its automatic pricing system, Opus9 allows small and medium-sized companies to ship competitively, even if they have irregular shipping schedules.

Opus9 relies on a carrier-centric approach to shipping where a close-knit network of trusted carriers are given the tools to create better working conditions and to make their business thrive. Working with Opus9 offers flexible yet reliable job opportunities. Carriers have the possibility to set their own rate and bid as they wish. This way, they can decide to move freight they are fully aligned with. Truckers are free to choose their preferred lanes too. Whereas it’s usually a 30-day process with traditional 3PLs, the Opus9 platform commits to pay carriers quickly after the load has been delivered.

“Our innovation and creativity lies not only in the simplicity of the service, but also in the highest level of sales and operation efficiency which reduces human effort cost by 30%. In order to achieve this goal, we have automated the process from quotes to payment.“ explains Alex Ryu, founder and CEO of Opus9.

In the next 3 years, Opus9’s vision is to offer end-to-end multimodal transportation services to shippers in parallel with geographic expansion.

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