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Calgary Taps Real-time Road Performance Tool

| May 16, 2017

 Calgary Taps Real-time Road Performance Tool

The City of Calgary has recently selected INRIX Roadway Analytics for instant road performance analysis via the cloud.

This approach is designed to help Calgary reduce the cost of operations, identify areas that benefit most from road improvements, and more accurately measure and report the impact of transportation investments.

“Urban population growth, in cities like Calgary, is driving increased traffic congestion in and around city centers around the world,” said Scott Sedlik, vice president and general manager – public sector at INRIX. “By identifying consistent and problematic traffic patterns, city officials can pinpoint the source of congestion and prioritize mobility investments that directly reduce gridlock.”

Launched in 2016, Roadway Analytics provides technical analyses, charts, tables and other visualizations to convey important information and recommendations to drivers, decision makers and the general public. Covering more than five million miles of road in 45 countries, it uses the world’s largest traffic data network that is trusted by leading automakers and transportation agencies globally.

The portfolio of tools includes:

  • Performance Charts produces line and bar graphs, which enable before and after studies and/or comparisons of roadways with visualizations to communicate findings;
  • Congestion Scan uses heat maps to identify problem areas along a road, helping Calgary pinpoint the location of congestion to better target improvement efforts;
  • Trend Maps is a visual communication tool that illustrates the impact of roadway conditions throughout the day;
  • Bottleneck Ranking identifies hotspots or congested corridors during a specific analysis period within an area, and provides a ranking by determining the number of occurrences, length and duration of each bottleneck; and
  • Data Downloader enables users to directly query INRIX XD Traffic speed archive data (from 24 hours prior) for any road segment and/or time period.

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