E-SMART Drives Facility Safety with Backing Speed Management

| April 24, 2024

E-SMART Reverse puts facility managers in the driver’s seat for reducing the potential of backing accidents in company specified speed zones

E-SMART, a leading Dynamic Speed Management provider, announced E-SMART Reverse, a new capability that adds a backing speed limiter to reduce the potential for accidents at company and customer facilities.

“By some estimates, backing crashes represent about 30 percent of commercial vehicle accidents, and most of those are preventable,” said Joe Thell, senior vice president at E-SMART. “With E-SMART Reverse, we can help make yards even safer. By enabling the ability to limit backing speeds in company specified speed zones, this latest feature of our Dynamic Speed Management technology reduces the all too frequent occurrence of backing accidents.”

A customer driven feature built on E-SMART’s Dynamic Speed Management solution for private facilities, E-SMART Reverse allows companies to set speed limits for commercial vehicles on their properties. It adds the ability to set maximum reverse speeds in geofenced locations. If a driver attempts to go faster in reverse than allowed within a company specified speed zone, E-SMART limits the throttle and prevents the vehicle from exceeding the threshold.

Using advanced positioning technology, the E-SMART system determines the location of vehicles in real time and allows fleets to manage and customize vehicle speeds to posted speed limits using the E-SMART customer portal. The E-SMART system communicates with an ECU that is installed in the truck to control the throttle. E-SMART integrates with onboard telematics units to provide drivers with verbal notifications and an enhanced user experience.  

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