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Camera Integration with Telematics from Inseego Advances Cargo Safety

| July 25, 2018
Ship being loaded from truck

Inseego Corp. (Nasdaq: INSG), a leader in solutions for intelligent mobile enterprises, has introduced a camera system built into its IoT-to-Cloud telematics management software. 

Advanced Fleet Tracking, Analytics, Routing and Security

  • Ctrack’s cloud telematics solution – part of the Ctrack Enterprise Asset Management family of products – allows the integration of real-time video telematics, GPS trailer and asset tracking data, route optimization, driver behavior analytics, anti-highjacking RF jamming detection technology and additional features that optimize and provide additional security to enterprise fleets.
  • With customer Time Link Cargo as a prime example, fleet operations in Inseego’s worldwide markets are set to increase efficiency, accuracy and safety across their operations with the use of world-leading device-to-cloud telematics solutions.

“Ctrack effectively elevates our fleet management capabilities to new levels,” said Kamal Mitoo, CEO of Time Link Cargo. “The platform delivers real time visibility across a number of key indicators, allowing us to stay on top of fleet risk elements and productivity, while contributing to driver safety and security of our customers’ assets. The resultant impact on our entire fleet operations is immense.”

“Inseego’s intelligent cloud platform supports multiple use cases and integrates many advanced technologies for managing a full fleet – benefiting our clients throughout their logistical and supply chain operations,” said Chris Lytle, EVP Enterprise SaaS at Inseego. “We have the unique perspective of a pioneer in mobile device technology, IoT and SaaS – creating and expanding systems that are trusted by organizations with mission-critical demands for high value assets.”

More information at www.ctrack.com

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