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New Counter-Terrorism Tech Approach to Help Prevent ‘Vehicle as a Weapon’ Related Incidents

| October 17, 2017


Fleet Source, a leading provider of  training and auditing services for the road transport industry, has launched what it bills as “the UKs first Terrorism Risk and Incident Prevention suite of products and training services named ‘TRIP‘, specifically designed for commercial fleet operators.”

In response to the recent escalation of VAAW (Vehicle as a Weapon) terrorism related incidents, Fleet Source has developed a suite of counter-terrorism related products and training services to support fleet operators in managing and reducing the risks to the industry from terrorism, in particular the risks associated with commercial vehicles being used in terrorist attacks.

TRIP has been designed so that commercial fleet operators, managers and drivers can be educated on the risks of terrorism, the nature of the threats that they may face and a range of safety precautions they should implement to significantly reduce the possibilities of their vehicle being hijacked or stolen and used in a terrorist incident.

“Following the recent major VAAW (Vehicle as a Weapon) incidents and with the UK being on a severe level of terrorist alert, we believed that Fleet Source had an obligation to the industry and the general public to invest in a dedicated set of solutions to help address this important issue,” said Nick Caesari, Managing Director at Fleet Source.

“With over 35% of our work force being from a military and policing background, with many having extensive counter-terrorism experience, we felt that we were perfectly positioned to help educate fleet operators, managers and drivers in taking the necessary precautions and to make sure they are doing absolutely everything possible to prevent their vehicle from being hijacked or stolen and used as a weapon in an attack. Safety and protecting lives is a part of our day job, and the TRIP suite is a natural extension of what we at Fleet Source provide,” Caesari concluded.

“With a large UK based fleet we are keen to keep our drivers informed and aware of the many situations they may face as a part of their role,” said Graham Bellman, Group Fleet Director, Travis Perkins.

The TRIP products and services that will be initially available are as follows: –

TRIP Driver CPC Training – The first dedicated 7-hour driver CPC approved training course covering terrorism risk & incident prevention, designed for all commercial fleet drivers, providing them with the knowledge, tools and understanding of today’s terrorist threat and the precautions they need to take with regards to mitigating the risk of their vehicles being stolen or hi-jacked and used as a weapon in a terrorist attack.

TRIP Manager Training – The first dedicated 3.5-hour manager training course covering terrorism risk & incident prevention providing fleet managers with the knowledge, tools and understanding of counter-terrorism best practice within fleet operations, counter-terrorism law, and security arrangements and procedures, to help them mitigate and reduce the risks of terrorism across their fleet operation.

TRIP Policy & Procedure Pack – The first dedicated set of comprehensive policies, procedures & tool box talks to support fleet operators in embedding a robust counter-terrorism strategy into the heart of their day-to-day operations.

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