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Enterprise Introduces Telematics for Truck Rental Customers

| December 6, 2017


Enterprise Truck Rental, is helping businesses run their fleets more efficiently and meet new federal operating standards with the launch of Enterprise Telematics.

 Any commercial truck renter can utilize Enterprise’s Telematics when added to the rental agreement – regardless of the length of rental. And because these accounts are set up and managed individually, each maintains the privacy of its own data.

If purchased as part of the rental agreement, the telematics is turned on when the truck is rented and turned off when the rental is returned. This is a particularly attractive option for customers in construction, landscaping and other seasonal or project-based industries. Thus, businesses can experience the benefits of telematics at their convenience without purchasing their own device or committing to a telematics contract.

Geotab Partnership

Powered by Geotab, the telematics provides real-time tracking data for monitoring vehicle and driver performance, increasing opportunities for improving vehicle safety and reducing costs.

The Truck Rental company has been using telematics devices for several years to help ensure vehicle maintenance and safety, and thousands of vehicles in the Enterprise Truck Rental fleet are already equipped with Geotab’s telematics technology.

“We have a longstanding relationship with Enterprise and have worked closely with them to develop the Enterprise Telematics solution,” said Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab. “Enterprise Telematics is an innovative solution that makes it easy for Enterprise Truck Rental customers to manage a vehicle’s activity in a manner that is uniquely convenient and accessible.”

Enterprise Telematics has three service level options, including a fully compliant, turnkey Electronic Logging Device (ELD) solution, which allows U.S. customers to adhere to federal ELD requirements. Effective Dec. 18, commercial drivers who are required to complete hours-of-service (HOS) records of duty status (RODS) must replace traditional paper logbooks with ELD technology.

In addition to compliance, Enterprise’s Telematics offers other features, such as:

●        Driver Safety – Access to risk and safety scorecards, performance reporting, in-vehicle driver coaching, and safety rules like seatbelt utilization to help improve driver safety on the road.

●        Maximizing Fleet and Driver Productivity – Real-time route-change and fuel-usage tracking, fleet and driver performance reporting, safety and idle-time comparisons, and customized reports.

●        Access to Data Anytime, Anywhere – After registering at EnterpriseTrucks.com/Telematics, telematics data can be accessed through the convenience of a mobile app or website.

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