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F-250 Conversion to Propane Autogas in Record Time at Work Truck Show

| March 24, 2017

F-250 Conversion to Propane Autogas in Record Time at Work Truck Show

Looking to log a new record in propane Autogas conversation for an F0250?

Check out Alliance tech Stacey Snyder, a conversion specialist who upfitted a 2017 F-250 live, in the record setting time of 1:21:00, at the recent Work Truck Show in Indianapolis.

The time beat last year’s F-150 conversion record at the Work Truck Show of 1:32:25, which was recorded as the fastest live propane autogas conversion.

“The live conversion was not being done this year for speed or to break any records—only to show consistency, and ease of install on any vehicle,” notes Ed Hoffman, President, Blossman Services, Inc.

Stacey Snyder, conversion specialist from Alliance AutoGas, in Asheville, NC, assisted Kevin Oglesby, conversion specialist from Alliance member Southern Alternatives, LLC, in Athens, GA, in the installation of the Alliance AutoGas engineered conversion system.

Stacey explained, “We worked methodically and not particularly fast. Show attendees were encouraged to come up and watch the installation closely and ask us questions.  It is a testament to how far we have come with the Alliance conversion kits. Any conversion specialist can do it in the same time Kevin and I did.”

The Alliance AutoGas “Plug and Play” EPA and NFPA 58 compliant autogas conversion system can be installed on new or in-service vehicles, according to the provider, “in half the time of other solutions.”  Designed to require no fabrication, every bracket, nut, and bolt is included for each vehicle specific system.  By deploying these features, fleets reduce labor times and conversion costs with more consistent installations.

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