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How to Get 140 ton Miles per Gallon

| September 26, 2017

Ploger Transportation

Volvo Trucks has saluted Joel Morrow of Ploger Transportation on his exceptional fuel efficiency performance during the Run on Less freight efficiency roadshow, in which he achieved more than 140 ton miles per gallon – defined as payload moved – over the course of more than 6,300 miles driven, loaded at an average gross weight of nearly 62,000 lbs.

Morrow hauled several payloads of more than 46,000 lbs. over a 1,000 mile length of haul and averaged 10.5 mpg while running at an average road speed of 51 mph with a 2016 Volvo VNM 630 featuring a GHG ’14 Volvo D11 engine.

“We’re thrilled by the outstanding performance and commitment to freight efficiency demonstrated by Joel Morrow and the Ploger Transportation team,” said Magnus Koeck, vice president of marketing and brand management, Volvo Trucks North America. “Joel and Ploger Transportation are representing what’s achievable through a thorough understanding of their fleet’s operations and how to manage their operating costs by running the best equipment for the job.”

“Our legacy equipment proved more efficient than the “latest and greatest” models from competitor brands, demonstrating in real-world environment what can be accomplished when you understand your application, spec your equipment properly, and drive with fuel efficiency in mind,” said Joel Morrow, senior driver and vice president for fleet equipment procurement, Ploger Transportation.

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