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New App to Eliminate Distracting Driving — For Real

| June 29, 2017

distracted driving

In what sounds like the ultimate contradiction in terms. a new app is hitting the market with the express goal of reducing distracted driving due to people using, yes their mobile phones and apps while driving.

Here’s the scoop: Specific Range Solutions has launches AutoAdvisory 2.0, a full-featured iPhone app that ensures drivers focus their attention where it belongs—on the road.

The stakes are high. The National Safety Council estimates that one-quarter of all vehicle collisions are due to phone use.

AutoAdvisory 2.0 significantly reduces the risk of distracted driving by operating as a vigilant co-pilot. The intelligently interactive app advises the driver not to use their iPhone when driving is detected, continuously monitors their device to ensure it’s not unlocked during the trip, and provides feedback at the end of the trip via the Auto Debrief feature—all while maintaining privacy and not affecting the functionality of your iPhone.

“Our ultimate goal is to save lives. The solution therefore needed to be safe, effective and reliable. We are an aerospace engineering company, and I am a commercially rated pilot, so we applied the same level of rigor in designing AutoAdvisory 2.0 as we do for our aerospace clients,” said Omer Majeed, founder, Specific Range Solutions Ltd.

AutoAdvisory 2.0 also enables drivers to share their safe driving milestones via Facebook and Twitter with family and friends — we would imagine when not driving. These milestones could be used by a parent to reward a teen with a tank of gas for safe driving, or a fleet manager to incentivize drivers to keep their focus on the road.

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