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New Backseat Reminder System, Ideal for School Bus Fleets

| September 30, 2016

New Backseat Reminder System, Ideal for School Bus Fleets

Rear View Safety, a leader in backup camera systems, has introduced the RVS-BLB Brilliant Backseat Reminder System, designed frto remind drivers to take children, pets, or valuables out of the backseat of a vehicle, such as a school bus.

Reminder systems for headlights, doors, keys and seat belts already exist in many vehicles.

Some commercial vehicles may also soon require reminder systems, at least in California. The “Paul Lee School Bus Safety Law” named after a Whittier, California student with special needs who tragically passed away last year after being left on a school bus for many hours, was sent to State Assembly Governor Brown last month.

The law would require school buses in California to have child-safety alarm systems. It would also require drivers to renew their annual school bus driver safety certificate and receive training in the new technology. The bill, proposed by Senator Tony Mendoza (D-Artesia), received a unanimous concurrence vote of 39 to 0 in the State Senate. Governor Brown has until September 30th to act on the bill.

Here how the backseat safety system works: The system generates an audible alarm when the ignition is turned off. The driver must walk to the rear of the bus to turn off the alarm, ensuring they will detect remaining children on the bus. A handful of states, including Arkansas and Wisconsin already haves laws requiring school buses and child care vehicles of a certain size to be equipped with similar alarms.


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