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New Inventory Management Platform from Autonet

| April 11, 2017


Autonet Mobile, an in-car internet service provider, has added new features to its connected car technology to support fleet and dealership operations, as well as provide F&I managers with a new service to sell to customers.

Improved inventory monitoring capabilities now allow dealership and fleet management to view all of their connected vehicles on one map, track mileage in real-time and see the driver behaviors – such as acceleration and braking habits – that may lead to increased wear and tear. Additionally, three new Lot Tracker reports are available to view current inventory information at a glance.

Consumers who choose to subscribe to Autonet Mobile can immediately benefit from enhanced monitoring of their connected vehicles, including knowing the immediate location of all of their connected cars, vehicle speeds and driver habits.

And for moms and dad who like to know everything that’s going on, Autonet Mobile can alert parents if one of their cars is in violation of preset geozones and curfews.

The Dealer Connect platform, launched in April 2016, relays vehicle health data collected by an easy-to-install OBD-II device to car owners through a companion app available on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. It offers a simple interface to learn about vehicle issues and schedule service at participating dealerships.

The automated service appointment feature also offers the potential for increased service retention by allowing dealers to send notifications for deals, service reminders and recalls.


Category: Connected Fleet News, General Update

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