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New Road, Weather Condition Telematics System from Baron

| October 11, 2017

trucks in stormy weather

Baron, a provider of weather intelligence, is debuting Telematics for Public Safety, a technology that uses technology to aid organizations in keeping their employees, students, and customers safe via basic weather information cross-referenced with proprietary algorithms and other data inputs.

As a result, the approach is designed to generate highly accurate road weather condition data. In addition, Telematics for Public Safety enables organizations to access advanced weather forecasting tools, and the knowledge of scientists, mathematicians, and meteorologists.

Telematics for Public Safety also provides organizations with contextualeather data by delivering alerts tied to their immediate location.

Here’s the scope of the situation: According to a Consumer Automotive report, adverse weather conditions cause more than 1.5 million vehicular accidents each year, resulting in 800,000 injuries and 7,000 fatalities.

Telematics for Public Safety provides professional-grade monitoring and decision-making tools to aid in keeping roads safe. Baron’s weather data keeps organizations informed of approaching road situations and weather information, enabling them to make the decision to ensure the roads are safe for their employees and customers.

Featuring an easy to implement API that can work with any connected device, as well as Baron’s exclusive Road Weather technology, Baron’s Telematics technology is essential in public safety applications.

More at baronweather.com.


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