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New Touch-screen Automatic Wheel Balancer

| April 27, 2016

New Touch-screen Automatic Wheel Balancer

John Bean has introduced a new, touch-screen automatic wheel balancer with a platinum touchscreen graphical interface that is highly intuitive and user friendly.

And get this: The wheel scanner detects rim diameter and offset and automatically chooses the balancing mode, weight types and positions.”

Called the John Bean B800P Wheel Balancing System, features include:

·       Automatic spoke detection – automatically detects number and position of wheel spokes

·       easyWeight – pinpoint indicator laser provides accurate positioning of adhesive weights to avoid placement errors

·       Smart Sonar – automatically captures wheel dimensions.

·       VPI – patented Virtual Plane Imaging technique ensures the most accurate balancing results

·       Power clamp – the electro-mechanical wheel clamp captures the wheel accurately with a constant force for precise results.

Category: Equipment, Wheels & Tires

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