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OIA Global Launches New Suite of Supply Chain Visibility Tools

| May 9, 2018

OIA Global

OIA Global, a leading worldwide logistics, packaging, and material sourcing provider announced the global launch of OIA Connect, the latest addition to its suite of automated supply chain visibility and decision support tools.

According to Claus Rasmussen, OIA’s Managing Director of Europe and the Middle East, OIA Global customers are manufacturing and shipping to all global geographies, and they must have the ability to share critical information in many technical environments. Some customers require electronic links directly into their own tracking and ERP systems via EDI and XML. Others are seeking PC or web-based solutions and OIA must have the ability to quickly and easily interface in all environments. According to Rasmussen, OIA Connect enables customers to identify and report on their supply chain progress, share summary reporting with customers and suppliers, and quickly collaborate to take corrective action when schedules are not met. It is the latest cloud-based technology solution available from OIA.

Waldo Remijn, OIA’s Director of Process & Technology Excellence commented, “The OIA Connect visibility tools are available to all customers worldwide and are easily scalable to any size business.” Customer validation and launch in Europe and the Americas was completed in the Spring, and over a dozen customers are now in production. Currently, roll-out for Asia is in progress.”

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