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Pro Truckers Cite Vehicle Spacing and Speed as Two Key Concerns

| July 2, 2018

Trucks passing on highway

According to a recent survey, new data revealing truckers’ most common safety concerns were distance between vehicles and, not surprisingly, speed of the vehicles around them.

The overview from Teletrac Naval in conjunction with Distracted Driving Awareness Month, polled truckers from across the country who shared their top safety tips.

Here are the safety issues that are top of mind for truckers:

  • 22% of truckers mentioned the importance of leaving enough space between their trucks and other vehicles.
  • 19% encouraged drivers to travel at slower speeds.
  • 19% discussed the importance of being alert to their surroundings and changing conditions.
  • 19% said drivers should take extra care during common highway maneuvers like changing lanes, passing and merging.

Driver fatigue (12%) and not texting or using a phone while driving (8%) also ranked high.

This insight into what truckers see on a day-to-day basis provides an actionable foundation for companies looking to develop more targeted, personalized safety training programs, not only on a one-off basis, but to create ongoing and consistent training for individuals and entire fleets.

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