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Product Review: Zus Car Charger & Finder Packs a Punch

| April 8, 2016


The Fleet News Daily team recently road-tested the Zus car charger and finder, and, spoiler alert: It’s amazing.

Here’s what’s so special.  The little gadget not only works as a super fast USB charger, it also helps you find your vehicle.

You simply download the free Zus app to your smartphone, and when leaving your vehicle, turn it on.  It quickly “knows” where you are parked, keeps track of how long you’ve been gone and very calmly and quickly guides you back — compass style — to your car or truck.  Pretty cool.

It’s sleek, lightweight and built for the road.  It also uses low-energy Bluetooth, has an extremely strong housing, doesn’t require any upcharges or data plans and you’ll love it.

More at: http://www.nonda.co/

Category: Equipment, Featured

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