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STEMCO Launches Lunar™ Air Disc Brake Pads for HD Commercial Vehicles

| November 18, 2016


STEMCO, an EnPro Industries company (NYSE: NPO) and leading manufacturer of heavy-duty components and solutions for commercial vehicles, has released the Lunar™ line of air disc brakes.

The air disc brake product line includes two conventional air disc brake pads. Lunar™ is recognized as a high quality aftermarket air disc pad made to fit form and function as well as or better than original equipment (OE). Lunar™ HP is built for extreme heavy-duty applications that demand extra performance while delivering improved stopping power.

Compared to other braking technologies, air disc brakes more easily achieve shorter maximum stopping distances mandated in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 121 (FMVSS 121) from the National Highway Safety Administration. Choosing air disc brakes may also allow fleet managers to shave 30 to 40 percent off the weight of brake systems while still meeting new stopping requirements.

Traditional air disc components, however, can run hot, causing premature wear. Lunar™ and Lunar™ HP brake pads are specifically formulated to meet rigorous demands without degrading due to prolonged exposure to friction and heat, which increases longevity and stopping performance.

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