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Trillium Opens Third Natural Gas Fueling Station in Pennsylvania

| May 23, 2018


A new compressed natural gas fueling station is up and running, thanks to  a partnership between alternative and renewable fuel systems enterprise Trillium, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) and New Castle Transit Authority (NCTA).

New Castle is the third of six CNG fuel stops Trillium is working to create and operate for transit authorities across the state, resulting from a public-private partnership deal in 2016. Upon completion of the six locations, CNG will be available to more than 1,600 busses at Pennsylvania transportation agencies, and 23 private locations will be built as well.

General manager for NCTA David Richards said the New Castle Transit Authority is happy to be part of the project and is looking forward to the final collaboration towards the common goal of efficient, environmentally friendly energy.

Richards said the partnership “will provide our authority and the public with access to a more cost-effective and cleaner burning fuel.”

The New Castle location is at 311 Mahoning Ave., and can fuel three separate vehicles with CNG at individual dispensers. While it will likely see more CNG busses from NCTA’s fleet, it is a public location that offers gas for trucks varying in light to heavy duty.

Carson Hoyt, general manager of design-build services for Trillium, said that this location has been a long time coming.

“It’s been two years since Trillium and PennDOT entered the agreement to bring more CNG stations to transit authorities and drivers in Pennsylvania, and it’s great to see the hard work paying off,” Hoyt said. “Together, we’re offering a clean fuel derived from an abundant local resource, and we’re giving consumers another option. It’s a real win-win for Pennsylvania.”

Trillium will be assisted by Larson Design Group of Williamsport, Pennsylvania in the construction phase of the project. The fourth public location will be at Indiana County Transit Authority, which is set to open in fall 2018. Lackawanna and Erie Counties will also be included in later project plans.

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