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Truckstop.com Offers LTL Cargo Insurance Coverage

| September 21, 2017


Truckstop.com has introduced a less-than-truckload (LTL) option for its CargoShield insurance product. Called CargoShield, the approach provides transactional, shipper’s interest cargo coverage, protecting freight from origin to destination for $12 per load.

“This policy provides ‘shipper’s interest’ coverage and is not supplemental or contingent insurance makes it an even greater value to our customers,” said Paris Cole, Truckstop.com CEO.

The LTL option will pay claims based upon the invoice value of goods, instead of released value or freight class formula, which would typically pay a claim at a fraction of the load value. For $12 per load, policy holders receive $50,000 in coverage. Additionally, the “All-Risk” coverage offers one of the broadest coverage terms in the industry, covering “Acts of God,” theft, unattended vehicle, and more.

“We have a dedicated policy team processing claims in 30 days or less, which means no chasing after carriers or paperwork,” said Cole. “It’s designed to empower the freight community to focus their efforts on revenue-generating activities, not problems or busywork.”

CargoShield is also available as an integration, allowing customers to cover loads without leaving their TMS or other software platform. More at: integration specialist at Truckstop.com.


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