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AASHTO Expresses Disappointment and Calls for Bipartisan Approach to Surface Transportation Authorization

| June 22, 2020

“We are disappointed that the T&I Committee mark-up did not produce a bill that has bipartisan support”

The following statement from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials should be attributed to Executive Director Jim Tymon.

 “We are disappointed that the T&I Committee mark-up did not produce a bill that has bipartisan support.  Last summer the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee proved that Democrats and Republicans can work together to write a bipartisan transportation bill. 

 While we appreciate that the INVEST in America Act recognizes the challenging financial situation facing state DOTs due to the nation’s COVID-19 response, the bill does not address many priorities identified by state DOTs and in some cases will make it more difficult for states to address critical transportation challenges. 

 In addition, we appreciate that Ranking Member Sam Graves introduced the STARTER Act this week and offered it as an amendment during the mark-up.  The STARTER Act focuses on formula funding programs, streamlining project delivery and ensuring state flexibility – all principles adopted by the AASHTO Board of Directors. 

As the INVEST in America Act moves to the House floor, we encourage Chairman DeFazio and other members of the House T&I Committee to find bipartisan policy consensus in favor of increased funding for all programs; maintaining the flexibility and maximizing the funding of current core formula programs; addressing climate change and resiliency; improving project delivery; and, meeting the infrastructure needs of rural and urban areas.”

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