Active Testing to Drive Autonomous Truck Development Through Shared Engineering and Safety Validation

| May 13, 2020

Locomation Announces Innovation and Engineering Collaboration with Transportation Research Center, Inc.

Locomation, the world’s first trucking technology platform to offer humanguided autonomous convoying, today announced a research project with the Transportation Research Center, Inc (TRC Inc), a premier testing, research, and innovation center for the automotive industry located in East Liberty, Ohio.

Locomation will actively test at TRC to advance its autonomous truck platforms alongside TRC’s extensive research and development team in order to drive further innovation on the testing and validation of Locomation’s autonomy technology. TRC has been an independent partner of the world’s leading automotive and technology companies for more than 45 years, helping them test and perfect their products.

“Locomation is proud of our leadership in the growing field of autonomous trucking and we’re confident that our partnership with TRC will get us to an even higher level,” said Locomation CEO Dr. Çetin Meriçli. “Our emphasis remains on developing, improving and perfecting our autonomous systems and TRC is a top destination to rigorously test and validate our technology.

It’s a world-renowned destination and we’re excited to greatly increase our presence there.” Locomation’s research will be conducted at TRC’s new 540-acre SMARTCenter for testing advanced automotive and mobility technologies. The SMARTCenter provides high-speed straightaways and cityscape simulations, providing a variety of intersection types, roundabouts, access ramps and other navigational situations that a vehicle would encounter in everyday driving. By creating the ideal environment for autonomous vehicle and smart highway research, the SMARTCenter allows unrivalled opportunities to test their technologies in a safe, secure and repeatable real-world environment, all before these vehicles and components are rolled out onto public roads and highways.

In addition, the Locomation team and TRC’s engineering staff will work together to improve the company’s autonomous trucking platform through rigorous analyses and observations derived from TRC’s 45 years of experience with automotive testing.

“We are excited Locomation will use our state-of-the-art test facilities alongside our industryleading team of engineers and technicians for extensive validation and verification of advanced vehicle technologies for automated driving,” said Brett Roubinek, President and CEO of TRC.

Locomation is scheduled to continue testing at TRC throughout 2020 and will begin immediate work with TRC’s engineering and technical teams.

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