AEye Demonstrates the Power of Adaptive Lidar to Enhance Software-Defined Vehicles

| May 16, 2022

AEye’s 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform can be configured via software for different vehicle placements, as well as varying vehicle shapes and sizes

AEye, Inc. adaptive, high-performance lidar solutions, showcased its vision for adaptive lidar in software-defined vehicles. At a press conference at AutoSens Detroit, AEye demonstrated the revolutionary design of its 4Sight™ Intelligent Sensing Platform, which enables automotive OEMs to embed the same lidar sensor in multiple integrated locations, optimizing performance for vehicle-specific packaging and integration using AEye’s proprietary sensing software. With AEye’s adaptive lidar, automakers gain design flexibility, without compromising performance, further advancing their pursuit of the software-defined car.

This landmark achievement of utilizing a singular platform, configurable through software and shown in multiple mounting locations, provides automakers full vehicle design and aesthetic flexibility. The result is an immeasurable design advantage over obtrusive, hardware-centric lidar systems that do not adapt to the evolving performance and integration requirements of OEMs. Additionally, the 4Sight platform’s inherent software configurability is designed to enable over-the-air updates to improve a vehicle’s autonomous safety features over time, without having to replace the sensor.

“AEye customers gain the distinct advantage of utilizing a single platform that can be modified for any vehicle model and application, increasing adoption and deployment across OEM platforms and reducing engineering costs,” said AEye co-founder and GM of Automotive, Jordan Greene. “Moving AEye sensor hardware from one location on a vehicle to another does not require a mechanical adaptation, as the sensor’s performance parameter can be configured by a simple software operation. This provides our go-to-market partners, like Continental, the ultimate flexibility in design, without compromising top-end performance in the process.”

As automakers shift towards software-driven business models, they are looking to software-defined hardware to absorb new technological advancements, and to deploy new, innovative services. AEye’s adaptive sensor platform can be configured via software for different vehicle placements, use cases, and markets to help OEMs realize their vision of smart assets and software definable vehicles.

AEye is the first and only lidar company to validate its sensor’s performance through a leading third-party testing service and recently passed the milestone of more than 100 patents filed globally, spanning four continents and more than 10 countries. In addition, in 2021, AEye became a publicly-traded company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange, doubled in size, and opened offices in Korea and Japan. In April, 2022, AEye opened an office in Munich, to support European customers in the automotive, mobility, trucking, logistics and smart infrastructure sectors.

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