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Agero and Airkit Empower Fleets To Customized On-Demand Roadside Assistance Apps

| June 29, 2020

Partnership delivers new digital experience to Swoop SaaS product

Agero has integrated its Swoop Dispatch Management software, a cloud-based roadside assistance event management product, with Airkit, the world’s first low-code digital engagement platform.

The integration will enable Swoop Dispatch Management users, particularly motor clubs and fleet management companies that oversee multiple client programs and need to deliver efficiencies at global scale, to easily build and configure individual branded on-demand apps for each of the roadside programs in their portfolio. The result is an improved customer experience, reduced effort per dispatch and streamlined operations.

“Our mission is to help companies build experiences people love. Our work with Agero extends this mission to the roadside assistance space, where we help our customers engage motorists with personalized, timely and end-to-end digital interactions to get assistance when they need it,” said Airkit CEO Stephen Ehikian.

On-demand apps deliver a digital intake experience without the need for a native mobile app, providing customers calling in from a smartphone the ability to open a branded app-like web interface where they can self-select options according to their need and request help. The integration with Airkit makes building these customizable customer journeys on top of the powerful Swoop Dispatch Management API simple, fast and able to be standardized at scale.

Airkit’s low code, easy to use studio enables users of any technical skill level to essentially drag and drop customer experience components – such as branding, styling, text copy, disclaimer messages, emergency response phone numbers, and more – into an existing intake template. From here, the Swoop Dispatch Management logic tracks the location and estimated arrival time of the customer’s tow or road service operator. Through SMS notification, the platform gives customers full visibility into their event status for greater peace of mind.

The on-demand apps are GDPR and PCI compliant based on use case and need, and on average, these experiences deliver Net Promoter Scores (NPS) that are five points higher than those of analog-based channels.

“Motor clubs and fleets, which manage numerous roadside assistance programs for their clients, need to be able to deliver engaging, branded experiences in a way that is scalable and standardized,” said Jeff Blecher, Chief Strategy Officer, Agero. “Through our integration with Airkit, Swoop Dispatch Management software users can easily build and deploy customized digital intake channels for their clients that increase customer satisfaction, are seamless to manage, and that harness the power, transparency and efficiency of our Swoop backed by Agero software.”

Able to be used in tandem with an Agero or existing contact center and/or tow operator network, Swoop Dispatch Management is the complete software toolkit motor clubs and fleet management companies need to transform their roadside programs worldwide. This includes omnichannel access tools, call center software, tow provider software, client reporting tools, escalation monitoring tools, and everything in between. These capabilities enable motor clubs and fleets to reduce operating cost, enhance service delivery and increase consumer satisfaction, resulting in higher NPS, customer loyalty and retention.

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