Allego Announces Successful Pilot Program for High-Powered Truck Charging; Initial 2024 Network Roll-out Planned

| December 1, 2023

Allego equipped the station with two 300 kW ultra-fast charging points aimed directly for truck and light duty vehicles

Allego N.V. a pan-European public electric vehicle fast and ultra-fast charging network, is pleased to announce the results from its high-power commercial charging station pilot program for electric trucks and light duty vehicles.

Equipped with two 300 kW ultra-fast charging points, the site has already achieved an impressive utilization rate of 22% in five weeks. This initiative, in collaboration with Sogaris, an urban logistics property leader in France, validates the industry’s need for efficient truck charging infrastructure and highlights Allego’s ability to deliver effective ultra-fast solutions for the growing electric truck industry.

On October 12, 2023, Allego and Sogaris inaugurated the first high-power charging station for electric trucks and light duty vehicles at the Sogaris’ urban logistic platform in Rungis, just outside of Paris, France. By installing the first prototype station at the Sogaris Rungis site, Allego and Sogaris have demonstrated their shared commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. This innovative charging station allows for a rapid charging experience, with a 30-minute charging time for light duty vehicles and approximately one hour for heavy duty trucks.

In 2024, the Company expects to begin rolling out its first additional high-powered truck chargers aimed at high density locations in order to maximize utilization rates. Allego’s proprietary Alamo tool proved vital in initial site selection and will continue to play an important part of the Company’s analysis and deployment of its charging network to maximize return on investment.

Mathieu Bonnet, Chief Executive Officer of Allego, said, “Commercial truck charging infrastructure is the keystone to fully enable a transition to electric vehicles. Yet, truck charging is in its early stages and much less ubiquitous compared to passenger vehicles. We have been working to integrate truck charging into our portfolio and, while these numbers are in the early stages, these initial results indicate that the industry is ready and so are we. This opens up great potential for Allego as we continue to expand our charging network. By partnering with logistics companies like Sogaris who share our vision of a future of an emission-free mobility, we are seeing this vision transform into reality.”

With European legislation setting targets to make commercial charging accessible spanning all major motorways, the question of truck charging is not “if” but, rather, “when.” The successful pilot phase of Allego’s high-power charging station for electric trucks and light duty vehicles marks an important achievement in showing the need of supporting the electrification of transport vehicles.

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