Autocar Celebrates Made in the USA Day

| July 1, 2022

Company Celebrates the Day as 124-Year-Old American Brand on July 2

Made in the USA Day is July 2 and encourages Americans to shop locally and purchase from American-owned and operated companies. Started over 30 years ago, the Made in the USA Foundation created the national holiday to celebrate products made entirely or a majority in the U.S. 

 Autocar, LLC, is proud to be an American-owned and operated company. On this Made in the USA Day, we celebrate that the Autocar brand has been the Western Hemisphere’s oldest motor vehicle brand, first used on trucks in 1897. What started in the heart of the country’s industrial revolution has long symbolized a patriotic and long-lasting example of American values and dedication. 

“At Autocar we are committed to manufacturing purpose-built, quality trucks engineered and assembled in Indiana and Alabama. Today is an important day for us as it helps solidify our place in the vocational truck industry and the American infrastructure,” said Jim Johnston, president of Autocar. “We are proud that the Autocar brand played a longstanding role in American history, and we celebrate our commitment to our country and customers.” 

For almost 125 years, the Autocar brand has been an iconic part of American history, representing consistent innovation in the automotive and vocational truck market. In 1899, America’s first commercial motor truck carried the brand. Today’s Autocar company fits the needs of each vocation served, from refuse to military support trucks. Today’s Autocar is the only 100% American-owned company assembling heavy duty vocational trucks.

Trucks proudly carrying the Autocar brand hold a long list of firsts and innovations in the American automotive and vocational truck industry. In 1897, the “Autocar No. 1,” a one-cylinder gas engine tricycle, which now resides at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History, marked Autocar as the United States’ oldest and longest-lasting motor vehicle brand. 

Autocar-brand trucks began fulfilling needs in the military support vehicle market and were used by the U.S. military throughout both World Wars, with over 37,000 trucks manufactured for military deliveries and support during the Second World War. In a letter to Autocar, President Dwight Eisenhower applauded the trucks use and quality in delivering goods to the military during the period in American history.

As Made in the USA Day reminds Americans to shop locally and look for American made products, it can also be a reminder for the vocational truck market to do the same. Autocar is known for its custom-engineered trucks assembled at its Birmingham, Alabama or Hagerstown, Indiana plant. The original equipment manufacturer (OEM) plays a critical role in supporting American infrastructure sectors by fulfilling the needs of severe-duty vocations like refuse collection, construction and road maintenance. 

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