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Bestpass Launches New National and Regional Toll Transponders for Commercial Fleets

| September 11, 2020

Complete Pass Scout and Horizon Scout Toll Transponders Provide More Robust

Bestpass┬«, the comprehensive payment platform provider and leader in toll management solutions for commercial fleets in North America, recently released two new transponder options for commercial fleets: Complete Pass Scout, which provides nationwide toll coverage, and Horizon Scout, which optimizes toll coverage for regional fleets.

“Bestpass continues to drive innovation in the industry to offer our customers and our tolling partners simplicity and value across North America. Each of these devices enhances our toll management service for our customers, and Bestpass offers the most comprehensive coverage footprint along with flexible options to meet regional deployment needs,” said Bestpass CEO Tom Fogarty. 

Complete Pass Scout includes three different tolling technology protocols and covers 100 percent of major U.S. toll roads. Horizon Scout, which includes two toll technology protocols, offers regional coverage in California, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, South Carolina, and Washington state.

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