Bestpass Releases New Integrated Toll Data and Reporting Tools for Geotab Users 

| June 13, 2024

Geotab customers using Bestpass can now access new toll activity data and reporting features through a single interface 

Bestpass, Inc., the leader in toll management solutions and major innovator in safety and compliance solutions for commercial fleets, recently announced it has added new integration features within the Geotab ecosystem that will enable Geotab customers to access new insights regarding toll activity to more effectively manage tolls and identify opportunities to reduce toll expenses. 

According to Shay Demmons, Bestpass Chief Product Officer, this “Phase 2” version of the integration with Geotab further enhances the information and tools Bestpass and non-Bestpass customers can use to learn more about toll activity, be proactive with their toll data, and manage toll-related tasks within the MyGeotab interface.

“A new and exciting feature this integration update with Geotab provides is the ability for mutual customers to forecast their future toll spend,” said Demmons. “This feature allows fleets of all sizes to predict future toll spend by taking into account items such as upcoming rate changes, vehicle adds or deletes, and current travel patterns. This is a first-of-its-kind feature that allows fleets to predict future spend based on these unique data points offered between Geotab and Bestpass.”

Demmons continued, “We have also given customers the unique ability to manage their transponders directly from the interface. This makes fleet hygiene, as it relates to toll management, a breeze and will ensure proper device choices for vehicles to maximize savings and reduce potential violations.”

With this feature, fleet managers can replace or re-assign vehicle transponders and order transponders for new vehicles directly through Geotab. In addition to other reporting tools already available through the Bestpass – Geotab integration, this feature will help fleets more effectively manage toll violations and losses caused by incorrectly assigned, missing, lost, or misused transponders.

For Geotab customers not using Bestpass, there is now a new toll estimate tool that fleets and owner-operators can access to receive free Bestpass toll savings estimates. By enabling this tool, Bestpass will create an accurate toll savings estimate based on vehicle GPS coordinates, fleet size, toll pricing, and other relevant data shared between Geotab and Bestpass. This tool is an industry first that illustrates the benefits and toll cost savings Bestpass can provide.

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