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BYD Expands as World’s Largest Electric Vehicle Maker, Reveals 7+4 Strategy

| December 26, 2015


The electric vehicle business is really getting wired at BYD — the world’s largest maker of electrical vehicles.

Today, BYD is now the World’s No. 1 Battery-Electric Vehicle Manufacturer by sales volumes.

In a just-released global EV ranking, BYD came in not only first in global, single-model, sales in October, with a total of 6,099 EV units sold, but October’s rankings also represented an even greater milestone as it was the first time BYD also ranked first in accumulated global sales throughout an entire year – with a total of over 43,073 NEVs sold (a >220% surge compared to last year), exceeding all American, Japanese and European leaders to date.

Trailing BYD are Nissan, Mitsubishi, Tesla, VW, BMW, Renault, Kendi, Ford and Gotye.

BYD is also dominating in the electric bus market.  The company will deliver nearly 6,000 electric buses in 2016, with about 300 zero-emission electric buses scheduled to be built in 2016 from BYD’s North American factory – the Bus & Coach Factory in Lancaster, Calif.

What’s next?

BYD revealed its “7+4 Strategy.”  Here’s the plan: The 7+4 strategy is to change the world by replacing high-utility, fossil-fueled vehicles with clean, efficient, even more reliable EVs for seven on-road vehicle markets in this priority:

  1. Battery Electric Buses (Shuttles and Rapid Transit)
  2. Battery Electric Taxis (used in 2 and 3 shift operations daily)
  3. Logistics Vehicles (operated over 18 hours daily)
  4. Private Vehicles for the Consumer Market
  5. Battery Electric Motor Coaches
  6. Construction Vehicles
  7. Waste Management Vehicles
  8. Mining Operations (off-road vehicles for specialized applications)
  9. Marine Ports (off-road vehicles for specialized applications)
  10. Warehouse and Logistics (off-road vehicles for specialized applications)
  11. Airports (off-road vehicles for specialized applications)

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