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Cambridge Mobile Telematics Introduces Driver Engagement Platform

| June 16, 2022

MT’s new DriveWell Messaging keeps drivers engaged throughout the customer lifecycle

Cambridge Mobile Telematics telematics service provider, announced DriveWell Messaging, a new way for auto insurers, automakers, rideshare, fleet, wireless, and safety companies to automatically engage their customers at key moments in the customer lifecycle. DriveWell Messaging leverages engagement insights across CMT’s DriveWell® platform to message the right person at the right time, optimizing customer acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Customer engagement is the foundation of making roads and drivers safer and building a healthy telematics program. CMT research has found that highly engaged drivers are 65% safer on the road than unengaged drivers. They’re also 57% less distracted.

Engaged drivers are also more likely to be retained. CMT research shows that when drivers are highly engaged in the first 30 days of a new program, they’re 160% more likely to be retained. Retention is essential to ensure consumers get their safe driving discounts and for the overall success of a telematics program.

“Helping our customers develop safer driving habits is one of our highest priorities, and engaging them is a powerful strategy to help them improve,” said Kelly Hernandez, AVP Personal Lines Telematics at Nationwide. “Engagement with automated messaging improves the overall customer experience, and helps ensure they get the full benefits from our telematics program, including their safe driving discount.”

“CMT research shows that engaging people is critical for improving driving behaviors and ensuring they get the full benefits of a telematics program. DriveWell Messaging helps our customers increase engagement by sending the right message to the right person at the right time,” said Katherine Wellman, Chief Product Officer for CMT. “CMT has been laser-focused on the consumer experience from the very beginning, and our expertise and scale across millions of drivers around the world have enabled us to improve driving behaviors at an unprecedented level.”

DriveWell Messaging offers automated engagement campaigns via SMS and push notifications. Initial campaigns include:

  • The start of the safe driving journey: The platform will send a message to any driver who hasn’t activated their safe driving program, encouraging them to get started.
  • Encouragement and safe driving points: This campaign automatically sends a message to the driver alerting them when they’ve received rewards points for safe driving and encourages them to continue driving safely.
  • Driver reactivation: The reactivation campaign engages drivers who need help reactivating their safe driving technology, protecting their discount, and ensuring CMT can detect and send help if they’ve been in a car crash.
  • Driver onboarding: The onboarding campaign helps drivers complete the onboarding process for their program.

CMT will regularly release new campaigns for DriveWell Messaging.

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