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CEREBRUMX Simplifies Fleets Management Across North America as Azuga’s Connected Vehicle Data Partner

| August 4, 2022

Azuga, a Bridgestone company, and CerebrumX partner to leverage the power of connected vehicle data to optimize fleet management with real-time, actionable, and accurate insights

CerebrumX, with its industry-first, AI-driven automotive data services & management platform for connected vehicles, announced its partnership with Azuga; a fleet management platform, to offer valuable real time insights from the connected vehicle data.

Recent global market insights have highlighted a rising demand to improve fleet efficiency among fleet operators using vehicle telematics, which is accelerating the industry growth.

Azuga offers affordable and easy-to-use Global Positioning System (GPS) fleet tracking software solutions to fleet operators that enable driver safety. This collaboration with Azuga will strengthen Azuga’s fleet tracking platform with CerebrumX’s artificial intelligence-powered Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) providing embedded vehicle data and cloud- based telematic application programming interface (API)s. This will enable predictive fleet maintenance, improve driver operation and road safety for drivers while reducing fleet operational cost for Azuga’s customers.

“We are constantly looking for ways to deliver better solutions to help our customers,” said Ananth Rani, CEO, Azuga. “By teaming up with CerebrumX, we’re thrilled to go beyond tracking and offer real-time insights to make fleet management and operations efficient and seamless.”

“CerebrumX real time connected vehicle data will give Azuga’s platform the power to enhance vehicle safety and efficiency, save energy, lower emissions and better manage their fleets and drivers. This exciting and strategic partnership will set reduction targets, measure actions, review and mitigate risks through actionable data intelligence driving sustainability across all Fleet Operations,” said Sandip Ranjhan, Co-Founder and CEO, CerebrumX.

This partnership signifies industry endorsement of CerebrumX’s technology and unique positioning to accelerate the adoption of vehicles by fleet management providers with seamless onboarding of vehicles, reducing acquisition and operation costs.

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