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China Matters takes You on a tour of the Sinotruk manufacturing plant in Jinan

| July 6, 2021

See how Jinan Produces a Truck Every 5 Minutes

But today, standing outside the factory’s main assembly workshop, you see an endless stream of new trucks cruising out of the factory for a test-drive. From making one truck every couple of weeks to pushing out a brand-new truck every five minutes, it’s safe to say that Jinan’s production speed has increased by leaps and bounds over the years.

But such an increase in production speed is no small feat. How has this factory boosted its monthly production from just a few trucks to about 10,000 trucks? American host Jack gives viewers an inside look at the factory to see what exactly goes into making high-quality trucks at such a remarkable speed. We get a close-up look at the high-tech automation of processes like welding and the massive assembly room where thousands of different parts come together in a rapid, yet methodical, way to create the finished product.

How exactly does automation take production speed and quality to the next level? What does mass production of heavy-duty trucks look like up close? What would it be like to participate in the manufacturing process and test drive a truck yourself? In this video, Jack takes viewers on a trip through a modern truck factory in an attempt to answer these questions.

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