Convoy Joins Volvo Autonomous Solutions Reservation Program

| May 25, 2023

Under the hub-to-hub model, autonomous trucks will operate on highways, providing continuous service between transfer hubs throughout the day and night

Convoy, digital freight network, is collaborating with Volvo Autonomous Solutions (V.A.S.), in autonomous transport solutions, securing autonomous freight capacity for customers once it becomes available on select routes in Texas. Through this partnership, Convoy and V.A.S. aim to drive better efficiency into the supply chain while allowing shippers in Convoy’s network to take advantage of autonomous transport solutions and be a part of the industry shift.

The reservation program will use the hub-to-hub model. Convoy’s vast carrier network of small fleets and owner-operators will gain access to lucrative opportunities to deliver customer loads to the pick up hub in Texas, and then V.A.S.’ autonomous fleet will execute the long-haul to the next hub. A carrier in Convoy’s network would then deliver the load to its final destination.

“We are excited to add Convoy to our growing list of early reservation customers and work together to bring all the benefits of autonomous trucking technology to shippers on the Convoy network. This collaboration underlines the growing interest in autonomous technology as the industry looks for ways to increase freight capacity, improve efficiency and safety,” said Nils Jaeger, President of Volvo Autonomous Solutions.

Under the hub-to-hub model, autonomous trucks will operate on highways, providing continuous service between transfer hubs throughout the day and night. By improving the safety and efficiency of freight corridors, autonomous trucks will contribute to the growth of freight volume, increasing demand for truck drivers to deliver goods from the transfer hubs to their final destinations. This approach enhances the work-life balance of professional truck drivers by enabling local drivers to transition into short-haul jobs, granting them more time at home and improving their overall quality of life.

“We have great confidence in the transformative power of autonomous trucking technology to help tackle industry challenges,” stated Brooks McMahon, Chief Business Development Officer at Convoy. “By leveraging these trucks for highway segments and strategically scheduling loads during off-peak hours, we can minimize emissions, optimize fuel efficiency, and enhance the well-being of drivers. We’re particularly excited about how this model enhances the quality of life for small to midsize carriers who will support either leg of the transportation, but will be able to remain local more often and spend more time with their families. We are excited to partner with Volvo Autonomous Solutions in charting this new course and unlocking the full potential of autonomous trucks.”

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