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Datatrac to Debut IPD Mobile Network for Same-Day/Last Mile Delivery

| June 3, 2014

DatatracDatatrac has announced that it will be using its dispatching and mobile technology to create a mobile network of Independent Professional Drivers.

The new service is called IPD Mobile and gives same-day/last mile delivery companies immediate, real-time access to a pool of quality independent professional drivers (IPDs) who are standing by ready to perform deliveries.

In contrast to other proposed services, IPD Mobile does not use crowd-sourced or life-style drivers.

Each IPD is a fully qualified driver equipped with IPD Mobile’s cell phone app enabling them to accept or reject jobs dispatched directly from IPD Mobile’s cloud based dispatch screen.

Once accepted, the IPD uses the app to provide job updates, PODs and captured signatures upon completion of the job. The service allows delivery companies to more easily expand and manage their delivery capacity and gives drivers the opportunity to gain additional work from multiple delivery companies.

Drivers in the pool are truly independent contractors since they can accept or reject jobs and are able to perform deliveries for more than one delivery company.

Drivers must be fully insured with auto and business insurance before they are accepted into the pool. Driver payments and settlements can be processed through third party administrators who automatically deduct and pay insurance premiums or can be paid directly by IPD Mobile if the driver maintains their own insurance.

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