DAT’s Profit Estimator tool tells carriers how much profit they’ll make on a load

| June 23, 2023

It’s the answer every trucker wants to know: Can I make money on that load?

DAT Freight & Analytics announced the Profit Estimator tool, designed to help carriers on the DAT One marketplace determine how profitable a load can be based on their own operating costs and goals.

Included with the DAT One app, the Profit Estimator considers each carrier’s unique and essential operating costs such as insurance, fuel, and truck payments; its mileage and revenue targets; and the broker’s offer rate. It then calculates a baseline profit or loss for each load.

“DAT’s Profit Estimator is the best tool I could have for my business,” said Destiny Rykard Davenport of Destiny Way Logistics. “It allows my team and I to book loads more efficiently and save money on fuel by allowing us to enter our variable and fixed costs into the Estimator. This lets us know how much we need to negotiate on a load, which gives us a better profit margin and bargaining power before calling a broker.”

Using the Profit Estimator is simple:

– Run a load search in the DAT One app. Tap one of the results and scroll down to the Profit Estimator section. 

– Enter your fixed and variable costs, the number of miles you plan to drive per week, the amount of revenue you plan to earn each week, and the type of equipment you have.

– Click the “calculate” button for an approximate profit for hauling that load.

DAT One users only need to set up the calculation once for the tool to automatically provide a baseline profit or loss for every load detail shown. DAT will never share specific carriers’ operating costs from the Profit Estimator with any other parties.

This new feature is an example of how DAT’s mobile product team continually works to improve the DAT One app’s efficiency and user experience.

DAT’s Head of Product for Freight Match, Sarita Benjamin, said: “We understand that quoting freight rates can be confusing and we designed our DAT Profit Estimator to simplify this process. It helps carriers work out their daily operating costs in a matter of minutes, which in turn will enable them to make more informed decisions and ultimately become more profitable.”

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