Dealers Retailed More Trucks in May

| June 22, 2020

Class 8 sales per rooftop up 15% month-over-month

In the June 2020 Commercial Truck Guidelines Industry Update, analysts from J.D. Power Valuation Services reported that Class 8 retail sales per rooftop saw a relatively healthy increase. Pricing dipped moderately, but depreciation is within a historically typical range. Class 8 auction volume was down month-over-month, making analysis difficult. Medium Duty trucks had a generally positive month.

“Used truck supply is decreasing, albeit from a high level and not at a rate that will impact pricing in the short term,” said Chris Visser, commercial truck senior analyst at J.D. Power Valuation Services. “It is important to keep in mind when used truck market dynamics change, they usually change drastically and over a short period of time. It is entirely possible at some point in an upcoming month, used truck demand will reach critical mass just as supply is looking more attractive, and presto, we’re suddenly in a stronger market.

“The economy has been fundamentally changed and we have a long way to go before we get back to normal, but the trucking industry will continue to perform better than most and we see more positive than negative pressure on used truck values,” explained Visser.

Major findings in the free monthly report note:

  • Class 8 sales per rooftop up 15% month-over-month
  • Auction and retail pricing appear to be stabilizing
  • Medium duty segments were generally solid in May

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