DHL Supply Chain Reaches Milestone with Orange EV and Doubles Down with Plans for 100 E-Yard Trucks and Diesel Phase-Out by 2025

| January 16, 2024

The first to commercially deploy a Class 8 electric truck, DHL leads by example, setting aggressive sustainability goals backed by concrete actions

DHL Supply Chain and Orange EV announced that DHL now owns and operates 50 Orange EV yard trucks, eight years after commercially deploying its first Orange EV truck to lead the industry as the first to commercially deploy a heavy-duty electric truck. With more Orange EV electric trucks on order, along with a broad range of implemented, measurable, green logistics solutions, DHL Supply Chain continues to take innovative actions, make real progress towards sustainability goals, and lead with transparency.

“Hundreds of other companies have now also made the move to electric since DHL has proven through years of testing and data that EV yard trucks save money and improve operations while eliminating emissions.”Post this

DHL Supply Chain became Orange EV’s first customer in October 2015 and their first re-order came a year later. Orange EV electric yard trucks are now deployed to more than 30 DHL Supply Chain sites across the country, and the company has committed to both phasing out diesel yard trucks by 2025 and reducing its logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

“We deeply appreciate our partnership with DHL Supply Chain, now spanning eight years and 50 trucks. When DHL Supply Chain leaned in to purchase Orange EV’s very first electric yard truck, they single-handedly advanced the heavy-duty EV industry,” said Wayne Mathisen, CEO and co-founder of Orange EV. “Hundreds of other companies have now also made the move to electric since DHL has proven through years of testing and data that EV yard trucks save money and improve operations while eliminating emissions.”

Orange EV is the leading heavy-duty electric truck manufacturer, with more than 1,000 trucks deployed across 36 states. Moving from diesel yard trucks to electric delivers myriad benefits. DHL Supply Chain estimates that operating 50 electric yard trucks in lieu of diesel eliminates more than 2,500 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, creating a healthier environment for drivers, site personnel, and surrounding communities. Orange EV trucks average more than 98% uptime compared to 70-80% uptime for diesel, increasing operational efficiency. Additional benefits range from reduced fuel, maintenance, and repair costs, to increased driver safety and satisfaction.

“We cannot ignore the impact our operations have on the environment as a logistics company and therefore we are committed to implementing more sustainable approaches to doing business,” said Stephan Schablinski, VP, GoGreen, DHL Supply Chain. “Through partnerships with companies like Orange EV we have been able to develop innovative solutions that reimagine the industry of logistics and take us closer to a green future.”

Orange EV provides a turnkey yard truck solution with a matched-pair truck and charging system, built to meet site specifications. With three battery pack sizes, multiple charging speed options, and dozens of other configurable elements, fleets can obtain the optimal electric yard truck solution that fits within existing electrical infrastructure.

“DHL Supply Chain’s first two Orange EV orders are a great example of how we work together to right-size a fleet’s EV projects to economically meet site specifications and rigorous duty cycles,” said Kurt Neutgens, Orange EV co-founder, President and CTO. “DHL Supply Chain first purchased an Extended Duty truck and charger, then later added a Standard Duty truck that utilized the existing charger. The site had plenty of capacity for Orange EV’s low-voltage trucks, and DHL’s well-trained, committed team maximized opportunity charging to keep both trucks running at peak efficiency.”

Diageo, a global leader in beverage alcohol, was the first customer of DHL Supply Chain to have EV yard trucks in operation at their warehouse facilities. The trucks, nicknamed Sparky I and Sparky II, have individually accumulated more than 24,000 hours and 17,000 hours of usage while still using their originally installed battery packs.

“Eight years ago we were excited to bring electric yard trucks into our Plainfield bottling site. This was possible thanks to our partnership with DHL Supply Chain and we are proud to share the goal to create a sustainable, low carbon future,” said Lucy Fishwick, VP of Logistics, Diageo North America. “This is a great example of collaboration with our suppliers prioritizing new technologies and electric vehicles that have contributed in our efforts to decarbonize our operations.”

Those first trucks are still in regular operation, lasting longer than many diesel yard trucks which are often used just 5 years or 15,000 hours before maintenance and repair costs become prohibitively expensive. In its deployed fleet, Orange EV currently has 35 trucks exceeding 15,000 hours of operation – 14 of which have surpassed 20,000 hours – with many more that will cross those thresholds soon.

DHL Supply Chain plans to double their current electric yard truck fleet, ultimately deploying 100 Orange EV emission-free trucks.

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