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Echo Global Logistics Partners with TruckPark to Add New Benefits for Members of EchoDrive Program

| May 21, 2020

Members Gain Access to TruckPark’s Services at a Discounted Rate, Offering Truck Drivers an Easy and Affordable Parking Solution Amid Unprecedented COVID-19 Situation

Echo Global Logistics provider of technology-enabled transportation management services, and TruckPark Inc., America’s fastest growing truck parking and travel guidance service, announced a strategic partnership that offers EchoDrive Preferred members access to TruckPark’s extensive network of overnight, commercial truck parking resources at a discounted rate, providing an efficient and cost-effective way for truck drivers to find, reserve, and pay for guaranteed, secure parking in real time.

EchoDrive Preferred is a complement to Echo’s proprietary EchoDrive® web portal and mobile app that gives carriers real-time access to search, bid, manage, track, and get paid on freight hauled for Echo. The platform’s load management tool and document upload capabilities streamline operations, keep dispatchers organized, and help drivers get back on the road faster.

Through the partnership with TruckPark, EchoDrive Preferred members will be eligible for parking at discounted rates, including 50% off for owner/operator fleets of 1-5 trucks and 25% off for company drivers and carriers with 6 or more trucks. With this new benefit, truck drivers will be able to save time searching for parking and rest easy knowing they are in a safe and secure parking spot–all at an affordable price.

“At Echo, we’re continuously working to simplify the lives of those in our carrier and driver community, especially during these unprecedented times,” said Dave Menzel, President and Chief Operating Officer at Echo. “As the effects of COVID-19 continue to impact truck drivers across the country, we’re proud to partner with TruckPark to help EchoDrive Preferred members save time and money when searching for parking.”

“We know finding safe and secure overnight parking can be difficult and time-consuming for many of the drivers in our network,” said Jay Gustafson, Senior Vice President of Marketplace Solutions at Echo. “In fact, a recent survey of Echo drivers showed that on average, they spend about 11 hours a month looking for parking, a substantial amount of time they could instead be using to earn money on the road. By reducing the time it takes for drivers to secure parking, this partnership can truly help EchoDrive Preferred members earn more money over the course of a year.”

This partnership marks an expansion of the EchoDrive Preferred rewards program. The addition of TruckPark’s services will continue to strengthen the relationships Echo has with its existing network of over 50,000 transportation providers and help to attract new carriers as well.

“At TruckPark, our company is predicated on providing the best experience for truck drivers, which includes the health and safety of drivers as well as the security of their payloads,” said TruckPark CEO Anthony Petitte. “Having access to Echo’s vast carrier network gives us the ability to greatly enhance the driver experience.”

“Through this partnership with Echo, we’re excited to continue our mission to revolutionize the trucking industry by providing even more drivers with our comprehensive app,” said TruckPark COO Joshua Walls.

Additional perks that EchoDrive Preferred offers include early freight access via EchoDrive and enhanced payment terms based on a carrier’s relationship with Echo. The program also provides discounts on truck leases, preventative maintenance programs, and rental equipment, as well as discounts on fuel, maintenance, roadside service, and more. New benefits are regularly added to the program as well. For more information about EchoDrive Preferred, visit: https://www.echo.com/technology/echodrive/preferred

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