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| August 8, 2022
Make Your Business Move With Edenred Essentials

New service in the U.S. brings enhanced digital capabilities and greater efficiencies to save businesses time and money

Edenred, a global leader in specific-purpose payment solutions, announced the launch of Edenred Essentials. The solution, built in collaboration with Visa, is an innovative fuel, electric vehicle (EV) charge and vehicle expenses Visa commercial card.

Edenred Essentials supports all needs of a modern fleet – with real-time and easy to use advanced controls.Tweet this

Fleet management costs are one of the largest expenses for most businesses, and with skyrocketing fuel prices, companies are under pressure more than ever to find efficient solutions.* Edenred is introducing this modern fleet solution into the U.S. market to power fleets to deliver more, remove barriers limiting their productivity and unlock the true power of their businesses, positioning them for future success.

“Businesses have limited payment options for their vehicle expenses, and we saw this as an amazing opportunity to offer a new, user-friendly and best in class fleet solution,” said Ed Fleischmann, CEO, Edenred USA. “Visa is at the forefront of the digital payment revolution, and we’re excited to partner with them to bring this innovative solution to the U.S. market. We built it with the latest technologies to help businesses do more with less.”

“The new Edenred Visa solution gives maximum flexibility to fleet businesses, matching or surpassing functionality of existing fleet cards and expanding acceptance,” Said Veronica Fernandez, Head of Visa Business Solutions, North America. “We are excited to work with Edenred to help streamline clients’ operations, and offer rewards that save them costs on fuel and electric vehicle charges using Visa’s commercial-card offerings.”

Edenred Essentials supports all needs of a modern fleet including fuel, EV charging, in-store purchases, vehicle registration, tolling, car washes, maintenance and other day-to-day payment needs – all with real-time and easy to use advanced controls. Supported by a modern platform that manages information in languages including English and Spanish, the Edenred Essentials solution also provides an outstanding and seamless customer experience that saves time and optimizes efficiency for all clients, especially SMEs.* Companies can also benefit from a cashback rewards program that saves money by fueling up in thousands of gas stations around the country.

Edenred Essentials is backed by Edenred’s 50 years of experience servicing 900,000 clients globally, leveraging the company’s leading position in the Fleet & Mobility market world-wide including #1 in Latin America (Mexico, Brazil) and #4 in Europe. Edenred runs more than 80 programs world-wide that facilitate and optimize work-related vehicle and mobility expenses for companies.

Key benefits of Edenred Essentials:

  • Improves Efficiency – with an easy-to-use bilingual, mobile-first interface, it reduces the time company administrators spend reviewing fuel and fleet transactions and manual reports. It allows drivers quick connections to their managers while on the go, helping them spend less time at the pump and focusing more on getting to the next job site.
  • Reduces Costs – fees are predictable and transparent. It’s easy for administrators to set spending controls and to curb misuse with real-time controls and notifications.
  • Empowers Workforce – with seamless functionality between desktop and mobile applications (iOS and Android), decisions can be easily made while on the go, deepening trust between management and workers in the field, further empowering employees to do their jobs more efficiently and autonomously.
  • Universal Acceptance – employees can make purchases for fuel and EV charge, maintenance, car washes, tolls and in-store convenient purchases anywhere Visa is accepted.

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