Ficosa Transforms Spanish Police Cars Into Mobile Police Stations

| March 10, 2016

Ficosa Transforms Spanish Police Cars Into Mobile Police Stations

Barcelona-based Ficosa, a global company dedicated to creating solutions of vision, safety, efficiency and high-tech connectivity for the industry, has developed the Connected Police Car, a vehicle equipped with the most advanced technology that converts patrol cars into real mobile police stations.

Noted Ficosa CEO, Xavier Pujol, “The Connected Police Car is an important step in enabling policemen to carry out different procedures without having to be at the police station, as well as offering them new tools to facilitate their work with the aim of improving the citizen security”.

Ficosa has incorporated to the patrol car multiple solutions endowed with the latest technology. Specifically, the center console of the car has been equipped with a laptop with a 10-inch touchscreen, notable for its excellent ruggedness, enduring adverse conditions such as rain, extreme heat, etc. In addition, the 3G and 4G Telefónica connection allows the device to send and receive, in real time, images and videos, from the car to the police station, and vice versa.

Ficosa Transforms Spanish Police Cars Into Mobile Police StationsOn the other hand, by an automatic license plate reader (ALPR), the agents can detect whether vehicles around have been stolen or are on the lists of suspects. This solution digitizes and encodes the plate images, contrasting simultaneously with police databases to verify them.

This intelligent vehicle also integrates three video surveillance cameras located at the front, in the interior and at the rear of the car. These cameras are able to record any activity that happens on its viewing angle and allow agents to generate an alert if an abnormal situation is detected, facilitating the future searching of the recorded video. Furthermore, Ficosa has included an integrated antennas system with fractal technology that enhances connectivity in the vehicle.

The Connected Police Car project, which is in its pilot phase, has already seven cars currently circulating in the provinces of Madrid, Zaragoza and Valencia. After this trial period, it is expected to be implemented in 150 to 200 patrol cars throughout Spain.

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