FTR Reports Preliminary North American Class 8 Net Orders for March at 18,200 Units

| April 2, 2024

 Orders for the past 12 months have totaled 264,800 units

FTR reported that Class 8 preliminary net orders for March came in at 18,200 units, down 34% from February and 4% below March 2023. Orders for the past 12 months have totaled 264,800 units.

Like February’s activity, March orders are consistent with the recent demand trend and are in line with seasonal expectations. After maintaining an average level of around 27,000 units for the last three months, orders appear to be slowing at a seasonally typical rate. Build slots continue to be filled at a healthy rate. With March orders comparable to the March 2023 level, the market is still performing at a solid level.

Eric Starks, chairman of the board, commented, “Despite weakness in the freight markets that has persisted for more than a year, fleets continue to be willing to order new equipment. Order levels in March were below the historical average but remained in line with seasonal trends. Demand is not declining rapidly, but neither is the market doing significantly better than replacement level demand. Our expectation for replacement output by the end of this year is unchanged.”

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