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GeoWiz Agriculture ELD Announces Addition of FULL FLEET DISPATCH at No Additional Cost

| January 14, 2020

Released to production on Monday January 13, 2020 is a new full fleet dispatch module for the agriculture ELD product

GeoSpace Labs provides commercial drivers with the only FMCSA Registered Electronic Logging Device (ELD) for transporters of agricultural commodities (AG) under 49 CFR 395.1(k).

The AG ELD not only covers the same ELD features as the big corporate pay-to-play tools like Keeptruckin, Big Road, or Omnitracks,  but also provides easy to use powerful patented capabilities specific for agricultural carriers that no other product on the market addresses.

Released to production on Monday January 13, 2020 is a new full fleet dispatch module for the agriculture ELD product. The module is provided to all users at no additional cost, continuing to build an amazing value proposition into the already powerful features designed for maximizing usage of agriculture specific hours of service and helping agriculture haulers make more money.

“Many agriculture drivers and carriers are switching over to our AG friendly ELD when their contracts come due with a current provider, or when they switch from AOBRD to ELD, or when they just get tired of using a big corporate pay-to-play system and having to use work arounds to manually track their AG exemptions, or explain to an officer at roadside how it is really all OK even though the ELD is saying something different,” explained David Lady, Geospace Labs CEO.

The dispatch capabilities allow office staff to collaborate with drivers in real time assigning loads, managing exemptions, tracking arrivals, departures, route sequence, automating demurrage monitoring and detention monetization, alongside deep analytics and optimization tools.

Additionally, the AG ELD provides fleets cost savings as it is hundreds of dollars less per year than the comparable yet non-agricultural specific tools, providing a return on investment in as short as a few months.

GeoSpace Labs provides professional Hours of Service Systems covering AOBRD, ELD, IFTA, and DVIR with 49 CFR 395, 396 automation, and includes deep and unique handling of different exemptions offered by the FMCSA, including unassigned driving, 16 Hour Short-Haul Exception 395.1(o), Agriculture Exemption 395.1(k), 100 Air Mile Short-Haul Exemption 395.1(e)(1), and Vehicles used in oil and gas field operations 395.1(d)(2).

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