Greenville Technical College chooses Ancora Corporate Training for CDL Training Program

| June 2, 2021

In just four weeks, a student can launch a career that both pays well and is in demand

Greenville Technical College, a five-campus system serving nearly 25,000 students, has selected Ancora Corporate Training to manage its Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) program.

Greenville Tech originally offered an in-house CDL class as a credit course, but the length of the program, administrative burden, and the expense associated with maintaining the vehicles prompted the college to migrate to a vendor model, one that has been successfully launched at other community colleges. Many career institutions have realized that outsourcing a CDL program to a trusted vendor enables the college to significantly reduce costs while still offering students an entry point to a lucrative career.

There is a nationwide shortage of CDL drivers, and companies that operate fleets of vehicles are scrambling to fill these positions. In the state of South Carolina alone, there are more than 1,600 job openings for full-time, entry-level drivers, with an average starting salary of $61,000. Recognizing the significant opportunity this shortage presents for its students, Greenville Tech’s Economic Development & Corporate Training Division chose Ancora at the beginning of 2021, citing Ancora’s depth of experience, quality of program, and existing presence in the state as some of the key reasons for their decision.

“This is a huge opportunity for our students and the residents of Greenville,” said Jennifer Moorefield, the Associate Vice President of Economic Development and Corporate Training at Greenville Tech. “In just four weeks, a student can launch a career that both pays well and is in demand. Throughout the program launch process, Ancora has been responsive, organized, and displayed the professionalism we expect for the benefit of our students.”

Based in Arlington, Texas, Ancora Corporate Training is quickly becoming a dominant player in the corporate training marketplace. Since January 2019, Ancora has partnered with community colleges, government agencies, and Fortune 100 corporations to provide training to thousands of individuals.

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