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Groendyke Announces Driver Pay Increases

| April 13, 2018


As demand for trucking increases and the driver shortage continues to grow, Groendyke Transport has announced that the largest driver-pay increase in company history will go into effect in May.

The raise includes a mileage pay increase across the board of up to 6 cents per mile and an average hourly non-revenue rate increase of 9.4 percent for all drivers. In addition, Groendyke’s chemical drivers will receive a flat-rate increase that will bump their pay significantly.

Demand for trucking is on the rise, and the number of available drivers isn’t keeping up. In fact, American Trucking Associations estimates the current driver shortage at about 50,000 and projects that to grow to 175,000 by 2026.

Groendyke’s driver pay increases not only address these challenges, but also are part of longer, ongoing efforts with its customers to address driver pay. In 2017, Groendyke changed its safety bonus pay structure, resulting in higher earning potential for meeting safety goals and an increase in bonus payout from the previous year.

“Our customers recognize the value of safe, reliable, professional drivers, and together we’re dedicated to preserving their well-being,” said Groendyke president Greg Hodgen. “Truck drivers provide a vital service in our growing economy, and they deserve to work with people who recognize their contribution. Our record of safety excellence and people-first culture have always stood out to our employees as unique in the industry. These increases continue to show drivers our commitment to being the trucking company they want to grow with.”

Groendyke Transport is one of the largest tank truck carriers in the nation and specializes in the hauling of fuels, chemicals and other hazardous materials. Groendyke also is the only seven-time winner of National Tank Truck Carriers North American Safety Champion award for the best overall safety record and program in the nation.

The end goal of Groendyke’s driver pay initiative, Hodgen said, is to have a sustainable pay model that proactively keeps its drivers’ pay competitive in the tank truck industry and in trucking overall. As part of this initiative, Groendyke also is in the midst of optimizing flat pay rates for refined drivers at its 30 nationwide terminals. Terminals where this has been completed have experienced increases in refined driver pay.

In addition, Groendyke has invested more than $145 million over the past six years in tractors, trailers and terminal upgrades as part of a commitment to reinvest in its employees and prepare for the future.

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