| September 14, 2021

Why the female-founded startup from Miami made the cut on StartupPill’s 69 list of autonomous vehicle startups worth investment and how it changes the way cars are transported

When people think of the future of transportation, the thing that comes to mind is the stuff of sci-fi novels; autonomous cars, trucks and Hyperloops. A lot of the news coverage focuses on the hardware; the look and feel, the ins and outs of how this tech will look in real world life. But who is making it all work behind the scenes?

Female-founded, Miami-based company, The Steering, took an important niche in the world of problem-solving devs, specializing in the new software required to operate, load and “drive” driverless vehicles, and in particular car shipping trucks. 

The idea is simple: with a few Uber-like clicks you can order your car to be transported from Texas to South Beach and a driverless truck will come by to pick it up and deliver it autonomously. Sound futuristic? We expect it to be a routine within a 5-10 year window. 

Until then, we have humans behind the wheel and, as we transition, the autonomous trucks are likely to be on auto-pilot and still driver-assisted for some time. While we move towards our autonomous future, the creative team from The Steering already makes the service of car shipping more accessible and affordable for the here and now, by managing a full car transportation cycle; connecting shippers and carriers so efficiently, it really does feel like the stepping stone before full automation.

Customers can order a car to be shipped on The Steering’s app, choose from carriers, pay and sign for delivery all on the app. Patented Route Configuration Engine and Vehicle Load Calculator enable car hauling trucks to pick up available vehicles along the route while factoring in the characteristics of the specific trailer. What does this mean in reality? Fuller car trailer loads, best route selection based on vehicles destination, less idle & waiting time – an advanced complete vehicle shipping process and a significantly reduced environmental impact. Auto carriers can manage vehicle loads, conduct billing, and generate reports & documentation on the app. The Steering provides all the digital infrastructure that empowers a future of autonomous shipping trucks. 

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