Jacobs to Manage Intelligent Transportation System for Florida’s Turnpike

| September 8, 2023
Jacobs to Manage Intelligent Transportation System for Florida’s Turnpike

Supports use of data analytics and technology to improve critical transportation infrastructure

Jacobs was selected to operate and maintain Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and manage traffic operations for Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, a division of the Florida Department of Transportation. Jacobs will operate, manage and maintain more than 500 miles of ITS-connected roadway infrastructure across the state. 

Under the five-year, $28 million contract, Jacobs will deliver a broad range of engineering, monitoring and support services. With full-time staff in place at turnpike locations, Jacobs will manage traffic operations, perform traffic engineering services, operate and manage ITS infrastructure including maintenance contracts, network and data security.

Jacobs also will manage contingency plans and response for emergencies and weather events and work with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise to consider and evaluate advanced data systems to improve safety and mobility on the transportation network. These systems promote safe and efficient travel and freight transport and apply innovative operating technology to assist motorists.  

“Our 30-year relationship with Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise combines innovative program management with advanced transportation technology,” said Jacobs People and Places Solutions Americas South Senior Vice President and General Manager Katus Watson. “Together we bring the enterprise tools and knowledge to make travel smarter, safer and more connected for Florida’s residents and visitors.”

Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise has demonstrated its commitment to a safer and more connected future for road transportation. As an early adopter of transportation technologies, the Enterprise has developed and built a research facility known as SunTrax, dedicated to the discovery, development and adoption of tools designed to enhance safe and efficient travel. Construction on Florida’s Turnpike began in the mid-1950s. The tollway network now handles more than three million motorist trips a day from Orlando to cities along the state’s Atlantic coast.

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